How To Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00? – EasyTo$olve

The Canon printer is the most popular for quality printing and scanning all over the world. More developed features are available inside Canon printers that easily show any type of errors. The Canon printer is one of the best printers and has many users in the market. People can use this printer easily and it is suited for daily work.

Why does the Canon printer error 5b00 occur?

Canon Printer Error 5b00 is the most common error. There are many reasons behind this happening. The most important reason behind this error. In Canon printers, an ink pad absorber is available and when it is filled with ink. Then this error occurs. If you too are experiencing similar problems with your Canon printer, you may consider resetting its ink counter. This can be done through a series of button presses. Here, we will provide a possible solution related to How to Fix Canon Error Code 5b00 through this blog, you need to follow the steps listed below.

What are the Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00?

Step 1: Resetting Waste Ink System Count

Step 1: Turn off your printer completely while removing the convenience cable.

Step 2: Long press and hold down the “Restart” button on your Canon printer.

Step 3: Also hold down the “Power” button of your printer. Green LED will be lit. At an equivalent time, as it is placed down, hold down the “power” button. Then the green LED light should come on.

Step 4: Release the “Resume” button, when the green light appears, now release the “Resume” button.

Step 5: Hold down the convenience button and press the “Resume” button twice. The LED light should first go to Amber then Green again.

Step 6: Now release the “Power” button.

Step 7: Now read carefully and press mentioned:

“Resume” button four times

The “Power” button once it can confirm your action of “Ink Reset Counter Absorber Reset”.

Step 8: Now, activate your printer.

Step 2: Clean the Waste Ink Foam Manually

Step 1: Keep your printer active and open its front cover. 

Step 2: Look at the back of the cartridge; There will be a row of white rollers. 

Step 3: Remove all the cartridges one by one to succeed in the rollers. Also, if you look closely, the rollers have a foam pad.

Step 4: Clean the foam pad with the help of a towel. Keep dubbing until you collect all the ink waste on the towel pieces.

Step 5: Replace the cartridges back in their place. You confirm the seat to them well. Close the printer cover.

Step 6: Now, restart your printer by turning it off and on again.

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